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Our approach has a foundation that you, the client, are the only one who has the capacity to access the healing you need.  The therapist's “job” is to be there for you unconditionally, while we explore places of your psyche and/or life that may have not been explored before – perhaps due to feeling very strong emotions.


It is essential to keep in mind that there are no miracle cures. The therapist cannot promise that your behavior or circumstance will change. The therapist can promise to support you and do their very best to understand you and repeating patterns, as well as to help you clarify what it is that you want for yourself.

In the initial stage of the work, you and your therapist will create a treatment plan—or rather, identify goals for your work together, and a plan for reaching those goals.  You will review these goals periodically with your therapist, and make decisions together about when therapy should end.

Sometimes clients need a higher level of care than the services available to them at Inclusive Minded Counseling & Consulting, LLC.  If this is the case, you and your therapist will discuss options for outside providers, and coordinate together on next steps.

Therapy has potential emotional risks.  Approaching feelings or thoughts that you have tried not to think about for a short or long time may be painful.  Changes are difficult in general.  Consequently, making changes in your beliefs, and way of relating to yourself or others, may not only be difficult but also scary - and sometimes disruptive to the relationships you already have.  You may find your relationship with your therapist to be a source of strong feelings, some of them painful at times.  It is important that you consider carefully whether these risks are worth the benefits of changing certain aspects of your life.  Most people that take these risks find that therapy is helpful.

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