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Professional Experience & Training

Martha Lilia Soto Ceballos, Owner, CEO, and Multilingual Trauma Therapist, has a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Utah, a Field Practicum Instructor at the College of Social Work (CSW) with the University of Utah, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  Furthermore, she has an Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor (ASUDC), and has completed the 40 hour training for Sexual Assault Counselors from the Rape Recovery Center, in Utah, U.S.A. 


Martha Lilia is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) trained and is a Sensorimotor Psychotherapist; Level I, Trauma Theme.  Her training is primarily focused on developing self-compassion and self-awareness, and promoting self-understanding, love and acceptance through cognitive and experiential humanistic approaches, mindfulness, trauma specific treatment modalities, and mind-soul-body connection.  

Martha Lilia beliefs that her job is not to tell you how to live your life and/or what to do to “fix” whatever you think your problems are, but her job is to be there, unconditionally, to serve as a companion through the rediscovery and redefinition of your values, life, and yourself.  She does this by providing a space of unconditional kindness, respect, acceptance and compassion that allows you and her to identify, access, explore, grieve, accept, and heal from experiences you have lived. 

Her techniques are likely to include dialogue, interpretations, here-and-now observations, cognitive re-framing, somatic work and movement, dual awareness and mindfulness exercises, noticing body sensation/reactivity, mind-soul-body connection, providing feedback, visualization, journaling, self-care, exploration of bio-psycho-emotional-social-spiritual factors, and readings, videos, or assignments outside of session.  In addition, she incorporates evidence-based practices and modalities to promote and nurture healing and your therapeutic relationship.

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